Moderately, Love.

Stop searching for me,

So relentlessly

Stop quivering, almost pleading yourself to death

every morning, for not having found me.

Forget not that there’s hardly a clue of my existence, that

I’m not the only star in the dark sky.

Because the light that I emit, is

probably not even mine.


Stop looking for me in every picture you see

and stop trying so hard to be like me.

Hasn’t anybody ever told you that

I’m just an illusion of your feeble imagination?

Stop illuminating my thoughts in your head

and never have notions about me,

For I always turn out to be ridiculously

different from what they expect.

Stop trying to find an answer in me because

I’m not the answer ,

and I definitely know of no question.

Stop trying to be me, because one

of me is more than this universe can take.


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